Our history

ALMAGIOIELLI is a brand that speaks directly to the soul.

Its name contains one of the most beautiful words in the Spanish vocabulary: alma , which means "soul", that fire that burns constantly and nourishes our spirit. It contains strength and sweetness, like the poetry that every creation transmits.

This word takes on an even stronger meaning for us. In fact, within itself, ALMAGIOIELLI embraces two other souls, those of Alessandra and Mattia. A fusion of names, AL-MA, like a fusion of bodies and spirits who love each other.

«Love does not look with his eyes,
but with the soul"
William Shakespeare

The two souls who give life to the brand have had the ability to create jewels that seem to come from a dream, where gold and other metals melt into shapes that embrace female beauty with a delicate touch of romance. Each ALMAGIOIELLI creation is like a fragment of poetry, an ode to beauty, elegance and passion, which can speak directly to the soul of the wearer.

The soul is the most authentic part of ourselves, the one that defines us as unique and unrepeatable individuals, just like our jewels. And in this frenetic and chaotic world, it is important to listen to the voice of the soul and follow your own path, with courage and determination, in search of happiness and personal fulfillment.

Let your soul shine. Wear ALMAGIOGIOIELLI.